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Sarah Conner
Meche Salon, Beverly Hills

Hi Sarah! I found your blog yesterday, and I must say, you fix hair very beautifully :) I need advice for my hair and I would appreciate it if you could help me? I have fair skin that can look yellow; I've had dark brown hair for a while and I'm ready for a change! I want blonde highlights but I don't know what type of blonde; I had blonde hair years ago and it made me look washed out. Plz help?!

I’m so happy you found the blog and would love to give you a little advice.

I say if you’ve got dark brown hair to stay on the subtle side for highlights. Nothing too blonde to start with and gradually go lighter if you start to feel like that suits you. For now, keep your highlights a few shades lighter than you’re dark brown so that you simply look sun kissed.

Happy coloring and thank you for your question!

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